What are Choice Programs? The Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) offers an extensive menu of choice programming options to students. All choice programs offer a specialized curriculum that enables students to take advantage of additional resources and innovative techniques that focus on the individual talents and interests of students. Each choice program emphasizes a specific theme or instructional approach. While similar courses may be offered in traditional schools, choice programs attract students by offering unique opportunities for in-depth experiences and study in specific areas of interest. Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in choosing the choice program most appropriate for the interest and abilities of their children. IPS produces a choice program catalog each fall with information for the following school year. Parent participation in the school is essential in order to provide students with as many opportunities for success as possible.

What grade levels are at IPS Francis W. Parker Montessori School 56? Francis W. Parker Montessori School 56 has grades PreK-8th grade. Students without previous Montessori experience can enter at grades Pre-K, K, 1,4,6,7.

Where is Francis W. Parker Montessori School 56 located? Francis W. Parker Montessori School 56 is located on the near east side of Indianapolis, between College and Keystone at 23rd Street, at 2353 Columbia Avenue. 

What are the Montessori Core Values? Children are intrinsically motivated, and they will succeed when their learning activities incorporate movement and opportunities for independence.  Children will become self-disciplined when they are empowered to choose learning activities designed for specific developmental and learning needs. Each classroom is a respectful community of mixed-age learners. Classrooms and other school spaces are learning environments prepared with curriculum and materials. Teachers are educated and certified as Montessori teachers.  Parents understand and support the purposes of the school; they are partners.