August 2022

Dear Families,

Thank you for choosing Francis W. Parker Montessori School 56!

Welcome – or welcome back! We are excited about this new school year and the opportunity to work together to make sure that your children reach their full potential. Our goal is that every student makes at least one year of academic, social, and emotional growth this year. To this end, our staff are focusing on providing the very best Montessori pedagogy and instruction they can as well as using new ways to strengthen social and emotional teaching and learning. We follow the child using Montessori materials and technology.

We will continue to offer special classes in addition to our core instruction. Those are Art, Library, Music, and Physical Education. Our school has been focusing on Race and Equity issues for a number of years. This means that all our staff have received sixteen hours of training from the Race Equity Institute. This partnership with REI has helped us to increase our knowledge, shift our thinking, and elevate our understanding about race and equity issues and how they affect our teaching and learning. We embrace conversations about race and equity issues at our school.


Christine L. Rembert, Principal                                                      


Our mission is to provide our students with an exemplary education. Our students will have the tools they need to value the diversity of others, respect the world in which they live and have the skills they need to make good decisions.


We are people, serving in a carefully prepared learning environment empowering students to use diverse experiences and knowledge to find their purpose, reach their full potential, do exceptional work in the world, while thwarting the predictive powers of race and class.

History: Francis W. Parker

Francis W. Parker has been referred to as the “father of progressive education”. Born in 1837, this New England native was a country schoolmaster and a colonel in the Union Army before he began to read the works of Horace Mann; after traveling widely in Europe, Parker turned his thoughts to reshaping American schools. His efforts in the schools of Quincy, Massachusetts drew national attention, and in 1875 he began a Chicago school that was made a model of progressive education and teacher training.

Francis Parker’s goals were twofold: to move the child to the center of the education process, and to interrelate the several subjects of the curriculum in such a way as to enhance their meaning for the child.

At Francis W. Parker Montessori School 56, we keep Mr. Parker’s goals in mind and exemplify his standards and methods to enhance the development of every child.