What is Paideia?

Paideia is a three-columned approach to teaching and learning. It is founded on the principles that all children can learn and deserve a quality education. The goal of Paideia is that all students become life long learners and productive members of society.

Paideia stresses a rigorous academic program and secure, caring learning environment. Paideia classrooms nurture a sense of collective purpose and meaning while also allowing students to construct their own personal response to the world. Critical thinking, reasoning, and communication are emphasized.

 Elements and Goals of a Paideia Classroom

  • Ability to see and understand multiple viewpoints
  • Cooperative learning
  • Discussion is valued as a means of learning
  • Focus on critical thinking
  • Focus on lifelong learning
  • High expectations
  • Improved reasoning and decision making abilities
  • Increased student pride in their work
  • Increased student responsibility for their own learning
  • Increased understanding of ideas and values though discussion with classmates
  • Limited lecturing

School Specific Program Features

  • K-2 remediation focus is primarily literacy instruction for 60 minutes a week
  • 3-6 students receive 30 minutes of math intervention and 30 minutes of literacy intervention
  • Bi-weekly analysis and disaggregation of student data by both teachers and administration
  • Students have an opportunity for after school intramurals
  • Students have an opportunity for Build Our Kids Success before school wellness program
  • Mobile Dentist visits and eye doctor field trips
  • Adult and Child Mental Health Services
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive and Christmas Help Giveaways
  • School Bells uniform help and shoe program

Parent Educator Resources

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