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Teacher Leadership

IPS currently has two types of Teacher/Staff Leadership opportunities:

  • School-based, full-time Teacher Leader positions in Opportunity Culture schools.
  • Other Teacher Leadership roles that are in addition to your current position, which are noted here first.

Teacher Leadership

We are committed to identifying opportunities to elevate voices within IPS and recognize team members through additional leadership roles and compensation. This provides teachers and staff exciting avenues to learn new skills, take on additional responsibilities, and expand their impact beyond their current focus and individual school. 

The district offers eight leadership roles ranging from mentoring peers to managing school-based devices — each role includes professional development, a cohort model and annual compensation ranging from $1,000 to $7,000 that’s dependent on the role .

Role Descriptions

Change Makers

Change Makers partner with school leadership to launch a new, full-year project focused on meaningful change within their school. Each initiative pertains to at least one of the district’s four strategic priorities.

Click here to see examples of past Change Maker projects in the district. 

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Education Technology Leaders

IPS is dedicated to strengthening and supporting teacher leaders within school buildings: Ed Tech Teacher Leaders (ETTL) are vital to this effort by helping colleagues integrate technology into classroom instruction. Through the use of project work, the IPS Exemplar Schoology Guidelines and instructional strategies, ETTLs support peers as they implement blended-learning classroom environments.

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Mentor Teachers

Mentors play a vital role in training, supporting and inspiring first-year teachers who are beginning their careers in IPS or experienced instructors who join Team IPS from another school district.

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Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teachers help foster the development and success of student teachers who are continuing their education in the district. 

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Senior Cooperating Teachers

Senior Cooperating Teachers support Cooperating Teachers, while also assisting student teachers as they launch new careers in education.

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Professional Learning Teacher Leaders

Professional Learning Teacher Leaders support peers as they lead onboarding efforts, reinforce the district’s evaluation process, and promote professional development opportunities through the IPS Learning Portal.

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“Proving What’s Possible” Teacher Ambassadors

Teacher Ambassadors promote IPS, while advocating for district initiatives and stakeholders through social media and local outreach. Ambassadors’ efforts directly empower students to think critically, creatively and responsibly; embrace diversity; and pursue their dreams with purpose. 

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Additional Staff Opportunity

Device Managers

The school or program Device Manager plays a vital role in student-success, by ensuring that students and staff have laptops or tablets assigned to them and a stock of devices available for swaps and new students.

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Opportunity Culture Teacher Leadership

IPS adopted an Opportunity Culture model for teachers and students as part of our efforts to develop a world-class staff for our students and families. Opportunity Culture expands the impact of our most talented teachers by increasing the number of students they reach and investing in their ongoing leadership development. This initiative creates empowered teams of educators who are able to obtain measurable results – transforming schools, students and the city of Indianapolis.

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