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Ongoing Support

In order for our students to be successful, our teachers need purposeful training and support.

New Teacher Induction Coach

The first year of a new teacher’s career can be challenging and IPS recognizes that additional support may be needed. We provide a variety of support systems for first year teachers to build their confidence and ensure they are successful in the classroom! IPS provides first year teachers with the support needed through the guidance of our New Teacher Induction Coach, a natural advocate outside of the school building who can help you navigate both school culture and district systems.  IPS is committed to helping new teachers thrive.

Classroom Visits

  • The New Teacher Induction Coach will observe your classroom to provide support to you and your students’ needs. Support may include feedback, coaching, co-teaching and/or modeling.

Professional Development (PD)

  • Monthly PD sessions/workshops are held to highlight overarching themes that the Induction Coach has observed throughout the new teacher cohort.
    • Classroom Management
    • Lesson Planning
    • Behavioral Management Strategies
    • And more!
  • Newsletters are created monthly to share quick tips, resources, and success stories.


  • All first year teachers are assigned to a principal-endorsed mentor teacher within their school.
  • Mentor teachers are trained in the techniques and best practices for guiding a mentee.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Teachers and Administrators must work together to achieve their collective mission to prepare and empower all students for life. It is through collaboration and knowledge sharing that teachers are able to assess teaching and learning to ensure the success of each student. PLCs create an opportunity for teachers to foster collaborative learning among their colleagues within content area, grade level and/or school. Meetings are led by school faculty and create an environment where colleagues discuss instructional best practices, successful strategies, assessment data, and areas of need and improvement.

Professional Development

To be an educator is to be a life-long learner and it is important to both new and seasoned educators to participate in professional development. Ongoing professional development keeps educators well informed of best practices, new classroom technology, techniques, strategies and methodologies related to how children learn.

IPS offers self-select professional learning offerings so that you can steer your efforts in the areas that will provide the greatest impact in your classroom. Through Wisdomwhere, you can register for district and school-based trainings, online courses and maintain your Professional Growth Points (PGPs).

Professional Development Opportunities:

  • Using Assessment Data
  • Bullying Prevention Training
  • Classroom Management
  • Time Management for Student Engagement Opportunities
  • Before-During-After Strategies
  • Tracking DIBELS Data
  • Cultural Competency