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Teaching at IPS

Find your passion in IPS

Indianapolis Public Schools is making it possible for great teachers to have an even greater impact. We see the promise of every child as the promise of our city. Great cities need great teachers and together we will build Indianapolis. 

In-depth Look at IPS Teaching Perks

Proving What’s Possible —  a new initiative to help recruit and retain diverse and high-quality teachers for IPS schools districtwide.

Proving What’s Possible is a sustainable and comprehensive initiative for attracting top talent to the district and decreasing barriers to teaching for diverse candidates. 

The initiative encompasses programmatic offerings — including new career pathways into the district, such as paid residency opportunities for teachers and principals. 

It also includes a new website for teacher candidates to learn about the district, highlight in-person networking/hiring events, serve as a platform to submit an employment interest form, and much more.

Are you ready to join teamIPS? Click HERE to Prove What’s Possible.

IPS has a variety of instructional models. This provides you with the opportunity to find the best fit school for your instructional philosophy. The district has a variety of school options such as STEM, Arts, Montessori, Inquiry Based, Neighborhood School models.

IPS believes strongly in the potential of every student regardless of their background or income. We also recognize the unique challenges of working in an urban area and are committed to providing teachers with the supports they need to make a positive, lasting impact on students.

We continue to invest in our teacher salary schedule and we are developing additional compensation structures that allow teachers to expand their impact, grow as professionals and remain in the classroom.

If you are interested in substitute teaching with the Indianapolis Public Schools, please submit your employment application to Parallel Education Division.