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Principal’s Update 9.17.19

  • We met our enrollment goals which means that we have some exciting new positions that we are able to add to our staff. Our title one budget increased and because of that we will add a Behavior Support position who will work with Ms. Williams and an instructional assistant who will support academic interventions at the K-2 level. We are also going to be adding an assistant principal this school year! These positions have been posted and we are working on starting the hiring process.
  • Mission Moment: Inspiring children to transform the world. Each grade level had a performance from ACT Out on Friday. This group is an improv group and the performances were really engaging and involved the students. The focus was around bullying. The students and staff gave us great feedback about this experience!  
  • We have five Butler student teachers with us this semester in various grade levels throughout the building. This is one way to see our Butler partnership in action. Student teachers are college seniors and they are with us every day for an entire semester. The classroom teachers mentor them, but they also provide us and our students with a lot of support while they are here!
  • Our peer mediation program is up and running.  Currently, we’ve had 43 peer mediations. 8 (19%) of those mediations needed follow up from an adult because the problem wasn’t solved. 81% of the mediations were handled peaceful with the mediators.
  • PIT Day is coming up next Wednesday! If you haven’t already visit the schoolwide link: to sign up for a time slot. We are working hard as a school to make sure that we have conferences with every family!