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Our kindergarten through sixth grade curriculum is multi-cultural, child-centered, and non-competitive, where teacher collaboration and team teaching throughout the grades are key. A wide variety of teaching strategies and learning methods are used by our teachers. This enriched learning environment is designed to prepare our students to be enrolled, enlisted, or employed.


Eleanor Skillen is transforming lives by empowering all students to think critically and productively while embracing kindness. Our staff, parents, and community are dedicated to the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of our students. Our highly qualified staff recognizes the value of professional development in order to rigorously challenge students. Our teaching practices are both reflective and responsive to the needs of our students. Through diversified experiences, our students will discover their potential and succeed in a safe and caring environment.


At Eleanor Skillen School 34, we are transforming lives by developing kind and compassionate leaders, innovators, problem solvers, and productive citizens in our ever-changing world.

Student Pledge

As a School #34 Wildcat, I pledge to be a safe, responsible, and respectful scholar.

Wildcat Core Values

  • We are kind.
  • We are student focused.
  • We have high expectations.
  • We persevere.
  • We learn everyday.