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About Us

At Edison School of the Arts, we know that these core values ensure a student’s academic, emotional, and artistic success!

  • Joy: We know encouragement, love, help in cultivating dreams and unapologetic engagement create a thriving environment for a student to succeed. 
  • Achievement: We know regular and systemic use of data to guide intentional grade-level curriculum and interventions directly impact the rate of student success.
  • Dedication: We know that teachers and staff must show up daily on time prepared with internalized lessons for a student to succeed.
  • Creativity: We know that arts integration and performing arts inspire, allow for creativity, and self-expression, creating pathways for a student to succeed. 
  • Teamwork: We know that colleague collaboration, cultural awareness, parent communication, and partnership create a foundation on which a student can succeed. 
  • Safety: We know that a student can only do their best in a safe secure environment in which they are seen, respected, and treated with dignity.