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About Us

Who We Are

Edison School of the Arts is an Innovation Network school for the visual, performing, and digital arts, falling under the IPS umbrella of schools. Edison serves the entire city of Indianapolis and some surrounding counties. Anyone can attend Edison, and those who live within the IPS District will receive free transportation to and from school.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to be an educational and artful resource for all students, parents, community, and staff members by consistent and focused professional development, invitational practices by all, utilizing quarterly and annual reviews.  We will continue to develop our educational and arts aesthetic by expanding our arts experiences, exposure, and partnerships. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an environment that promotes high academic and creative achievement through implementation of visual and performing arts course programming. We encourage students to become responsible citizens who are culturally diverse. We develop lifelong learners, appreciators, and consumers of the arts.

What Makes Edison Unique

Edison is unique in the fact that our students are not only exposed to and participate in multiple arts genres, but they also learn through the arts. All Edison teachers are trained through the Kennedy Center in Washington DC to teach using an approach called Arts Integration. Arts Integration allows students to engage in a creative process and use their voice, body, imagination, concentration, and cooperation to connect an art form to a specific subject matter. This methodology allows students to experience a deeper understanding of the core curriculum.

Many students do not test well using typical paper and pencil assessments. Using the Arts Integration approach, students can prove what they know by illustrating, moving, acting, or singing the answer. When students are up and moving, they are more engaged. In circumstances where behavior may be an issue, we find Arts Integration encourages confidence and healthy risk-taking. It helps kids recognize new skills in themselves and ultimately keeps kids in class and out of detention. We see increased focus, cooperation, and community. Kids are interested and want to be a part of the lesson.

The entire Edison team is committed to growing their mastery of Arts Integration by attending weekly scheduled, robust professional development. Teaching artists from the Kennedy Center are also intensely involved in curriculum development and writing lesson plans.

Our Core Values

At Edison School of the Arts, we know that these core values ensure a student’s academic, emotional, and artistic success!

  • Joy: We know encouragement, love, help in cultivating dreams, and unapologetic engagement create a thriving environment for a student to succeed.
  • Achievement: We know regular and systemic use of data to guide intentional grade-level curriculum and interventions directly impact the rate of student success.
  • Dedication: We know that teachers and staff must show up daily on time prepared with internalized lessons for a student to succeed.
  • Creativity: We know that arts integration and performing arts inspire, allow for creativity, and self-expression, creating pathways for a student to succeed.
  • Teamwork: We know that colleague collaboration, cultural awareness, parent communication, and partnership create a foundation on which a student can succeed.
  • Safety: We know that a student can only do their best in a safe secure environment in which they are seen, respected, and treated with dignity.