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Counselor’s Corner

For the next 2 weeks we will continue the  schoolwide theme is empathy. In our morning announcements we’ll be reminding students to have empathy, identify their own and others’ feelings, notice and respect same and different feelings, and show compassion. We remember that compassion involves saying kind words or doing something helpful to show you care how another person feels. When students can identify, understand, and respond in a caring way to how someone else is feeling, it helps create a positive and accepting school climate.

Second Step lessons specifically teach about empathy.  Kinder- 5th grade  will come home with Home Links describing why empathy is important and including fun activities to do with your child to help him or her identify feelings and practice showing empathy and compassion. We hope you find them helpful.

Please tell your child’s teacher if you have any questions about how you can help your child learn to identify feelings and show empathy and compassion at home.

School-Wide Edison’s compassionate Cool Cats are collecting food until Tuesday 11/19th for our neighbors in need. Please send in canned and non-perishable food with your student to school to help those around us who are hungry this holiday. 
October was Bully Prevention month, but because we had 2 wonderful weeks off in October, we have extended it into November! K-5th grades-counselors are teaching the Bully Prevention Unit of our Second Steps program for 5 weeks! Your students are learning the 3 R’s of Bully Prevention: Recognize, Report and Refuse. They are also learning how to help stop bullying in our school! Homelinks are going home each week so that families can discuss this very important issue and see what their students are learning! Middle School has various activities they are doing in their morning circle time around bullying prevention as well. 
Edison Peer Mediators will meet on November 25th with Ms. Clare and Mrs. Boerner in the Media Center at 11:15 am. All students who have been trained as peer mediators are to bring their lunch and come to the Media Center. 
Attendance Matters! Did you know that the students with the best attendance also have the best grades! The more school your student misses, the less they are learning which leads to poor grades. Please make sure your student gets plenty of rest each night and is at school ready to learn each day!