State of the District 1

An uncertain year brought a variety of challenges for the district. But the IPS staff, students and community banded together to turn those challenges into opportunities. Opportunities to equip all students with devices, to provide meals throughout the summer and school year, and to instruct more than 31,000 students via both in-person and remote learning.

We have grown stronger because of the relationships with community partners and support of thousands for the Equity is Essential Campaign. We have grown stronger because of the commitment of nearly 4,000 IPS employees who are dedicated to our students’ success. And finally, we are stronger because of all our Pre-K through high school students and their families who have remained flexible and attentive to this fast-paced school year. We are #STRONGERTOGETHER.

IPS Promises

  • We’re going to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • We’re going to reach out, connect, and take care of each other.
  • We’re going to make decisions that embrace racial equity as a conscious choice.
  • We’re going to make sure there’s a path to excellence for every one of our students.
  • And we’re going to come together and fight for what our kids need.

IPS Strategic Plan Priorities 2025

  • Increase Access to Rigorous and Relevant Instruction
  • Promote Racial Equity
  • Foster Authentic Engagement
  • Operate and Fund Strategically

Video Highlights

IPS Strategic Plan 2025

Our District

As the largest public school district in Indiana, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is an agile, innovative educational organization committed to academic excellence built through individualized, relationship-based learning.

Our Mission

IPS empowers and educates all students to think critically, creatively and responsibly, to embrace diversity, and to pursue their dreams with purpose.

Our Vision

IPS is a family of excellent public schools in which every student has the opportunity to succeed and the power to create their own future.

Getting Involved With IPS

We want all members of our community to feel empowered about getting involved with our students. Whether it’s as a staff member, volunteer or a donor, as an educational community we are stronger together. Below you can find resource links to different ways that you can get involved.