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School Arrival and Dismissal for In-Person — Safety is our #1 Concern!

Arrival and Dismissal are very important when it comes to your child’s safety! We have over 400 parents/guardians at school during these times. Please make sure to follow the guidelines for Arrival and Dismissal.

At this time, there are no visitors/parents on campus. We have staff in the hallways that will be assisting students to their classrooms this year. This is important for contact tracing within our building. We do not have the capacity to track additional people along with our students and staff. We know this is difficult!

All students, parents/guardians and staff are required to wear masks on campus. Students and staff will have mask breaks throughout the day.

Early Pick-up of Children or Change in Transportation: This cannot be completed in a hurry. Please call our main office before 2:00 PM to make arrangements for your child. The easiest method is to write a note to your child’s teacher!

Walkers: PLEASE DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILDREN IN THE STREET OUT FRONT! THIS IS SO DANGEROUS! We highly discourage Walkers. If you tell us your child is a walker, they arrive through the main door and exit through the main door and they leave last each day at approximately 4:15. (Our Car Riders are through by 4:15 each day). There are no adults supervising this location before 9 AM arrival time. At dismissal, they are checked off when they exit the door. Again, walkers are not supervised after they leave the building.

PreK Car Riders: Opens at 9 AM. Will have carline at the front of the school marked by orange cones and signs. Do not get out of your cars at arrival or dismissal. Students will be taken into the building by teachers. At 3:35 teachers will bring out students to this carline for pick-up. Please stay in your cars and move forward when all students are clear.

K-6 Car Riders: Opens at 9 AM. Both arrival and dismissal are from the back of our building. Turn on Brittany Street then Right on Normandy Street. Turn into the park and you will go through our back gate. Please single file line on the right. There will be a long line in the street. This line moves very fast in the morning and will speed up over the next few weeks at dismissal. PLEASE DO NOT THINK WALKERS IS FASTER. They are NOT and they don’t begin dismissal until Car Riders are finished. [Special Note: Car rider dismissal is taking longer due to Covid Guidelines. Students can not gather in one place and wait to be called to a single line this year. We are having to space them throughout hallways and classrooms with additional staff. This is complicated. As students learn the routine it will get much faster. — Remember we have 2 first days, 10/5 and 10/19.]

Bus Arrival and Dismissal: Buses begin arriving at 9 AM and enter through the back gate and drop off beside the building. Students dismiss at the same location.