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School Building

Christian Park School 82

We are a proud member of the Indianapolis Public Schools community of schools serving grades K through 6.

Every member of the Christian Park 82 school community will embrace a PRIDE mentality, committed to every student having a Positive, Rigorous, Inclusive, Differentiated, and Equitable educational experience.

Every system and practice we implement at Christian Park 82 will be anchored in these values to ensure that every student achieves their academic and social/emotional goals, preparing them to be leaders in the communities they call home. 

Cada miembro de la comunidad escolar de Christian Park 82 adoptará una mentalidad PRIDE, comprometida a que cada estudiante tenga una experiencia educativa positiva, rigurosa, inclusiva, diferenciada y equitativa.

Cada sistema y práctica que implementamos en Christian Park 82 estará anclado en estos valores para garantizar que cada estudiante logre sus metas académicas y sociales / emocionales, preparándolos para ser líderes en las comunidades que llaman hogar.

We are proud to serve our local community, offering a comprehensive K-6 education in a vibrant, welcoming environment. We are committed to eliminating inequities and barriers that limit educational opportunities for all, celebrating our diverse student body, and providing each child with the tools they need to succeed.

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At Christian Park School 82, we understand the importance of providing an inclusive educational environment where every child is valued, respected, and given the tools they need to reach their full potential. We aim to eliminate barriers and create opportunities for all students to excel. We’re proud to be a part of the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) community and are always accepting new students. Join us as we work towards creating a better, more equitable future for our students and the broader community.