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Grades Pre-K–5 | Zones 1–4

At IPS, our Montessori schools emphasize an educational philosophy and practice that fosters independence and self-motivated growth. We ensure that each child’s social, emotional, and academic needs are met to support well-rounded development. 

Curriculum Focuses: 

  • Hands-on learning approach
  • Emphasis on the “whole child”
  • 1:1 instruction between teacher and student

What to Expect:

  • Students will participate in daily, multi-hour uninterrupted work cycles where they have choice in their learning activities.
  • All subject matter connects back to the core cultural subjects (science and social studies).
  • Instructors teach each concept from a concrete idea to an abstract notion.

An In-Depth Look: Montessori

The Montessori learning model focuses on the “whole child,” nurturing their natural desire for knowledge, understanding, and respect. It creates a peaceful environment that inspires children to exert direct involvement over their own learning progress. By nurturing each individual child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding and respect, the Montessori learning model focuses on the child as a whole person and provides instruction in small groups for a more personalized learning experience. 

Schools with Montessori Programming

  • Eleanor Skillen School 34 | Pre-K–5 | Zone 4
  • George Washington Carver School 87 | Grades Pre-K–5 | Zone 1
  • James Russell Lowell School 51 | Grades Pre-K–5 | Zone 3
  • Rousseau McClellan School 91 | Grades Pre-K–5 | Zone 2