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High Ability

Grades 1–8 | Zones 1–4

At IPS, our High Ability schools emphasize serving the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of high-ability students from diverse social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. This program offers lesson plans that dig deeper into concepts, have real-world application, and include advanced grade level standards to develop students into critical thinkers who can make positive impacts on society.

Curriculum Focuses:

  • Accelerated learning pace
  • Talent growth opportunities

What to Expect:

  • Courses are specifically designed for high-ability students, with on-site staff available to help support the unique social and emotional needs of gifted learners.
  • Students are empowered to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens within a positive and supportive atmosphere. 
  • Teachers are given some autonomy in selecting projects and assignments that are appropriate for students’ specific learning needs.
  • Onsite counselors and social workers help support the unique social and emotional needs of gifted learners in a variety of ways to help them grow.

An In-Depth Look: High Ability

The High Ability learning model recognizes that students need a tailored curriculum that will address their individual characteristics, needs, academic abilities, and interests. Teachers routinely work with the district’s high-ability coordinator and coaches to create learning experiences that will allow these students to develop to their full potential and are trained to evaluate situations where students may need subject acceleration due to advanced understanding of the subject matter. 

IPS schools with High Ability programming

  • Merle Sidener Academy 59 | Grades 1–5 | All Zones
  • H. L. Harshman Middle School | Grades 6-8 | All Zones (High Ability); Zones 3 & 4 (Dual Language)

Note: Students must qualify as high ability in either math or ELA or both to enter this program. Please contact IPS at 317-226-4000 for more information.