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Eleanor Skillen 2024-25 New Elementary School Experience

More updates will be shared throughout the school year as we finalize the exciting changes ahead so please check back often.


Detailed schedules, including sample student schedules and the bell schedule, are currently in development and will be made available shortly to assist families in planning for the upcoming school year.

Model Snapshot

About Our School

Helpful Resources

Information on drop-off/pickup policies, school supplies, student handbook and school tours is forthcoming and will be provided to assist families in preparing for the school year and familiarizing themselves with our campus and procedures.

School Pictures

Administration & Staff

  • Principal: Krista Douglas

The 2024-25 staff listings are being finalized and will be published shortly to introduce our dedicated team for the upcoming school year.


Details about sports offerings and school clubs for the upcoming school year are being organized and will soon be announced, offering students a variety of opportunities to engage and participate in their areas of interest.

School Calendar

RBS Construction Updates

Facility Upgrades

Rebuilding Stronger is our commitment to ensuring there are excellent choices open to every single one of our students, in every school, in every neighborhood. As part of this commitment, IPS is making facility improvements at Eleanor Skillen School 34. 

Highlights include:

  • Upgraded HVAC (energy, distribution, controls), interior lighting, fire alarm, roof, playground and paved surfaces
  • Increased security through card access and cameras
  • State-of-the-art VOIP phone system and intercom

Target Construction Period: Summer 2024-2026

Parent Connection

Information on forming Parent Advisory Councils, designed to foster community input and collaboration for key decisions at our school, will be shared soon, inviting participation and feedback from students, parents, and community partners.