Citizens who voluntarily contribute their time and talents to the improvement and enrichment of the Indianapolis Public Schools and its students make a significant contribution to student success. We encourage the constructive participation of groups and individuals in our schools to perform appropriate tasks during and after school hours under the direction and supervision of professional personnel. The recruitment, utilization, coordination and training of volunteers is the responsibility of the schools.

All potential volunteers must complete an Online Volunteer Application, which may be obtained by clicking here. English/Español

Once the Online Volunteer Application has been completed, the principal may “waive” the criminal history for individuals who will not have sustained direct contact with students as defined by IPS Board Policy: Certified Staff / Classified Staff

Human Resources will obtain the criminal history background check for potential volunteers (except underage applicants). Upon of the review of the criminal history, a decision will be made to approve or deny the volunteer for participation. A notification will be sent to the schools you are looking to volunteer for.

Volunteers must complete the Online Volunteer Application each school year.

The Human Resource Services Division will maintain a database of all participants in the IPS volunteer community.