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Matt McMichael – Middle School Individuals & Societies


Mr. Matt McMichael

Hello! I am the MYP individuals & Societies teacher here at CFI 84. I’m glad to be here with many memories of both my children having gone to school here. Aiden, my son, is a senior at Hanover College and my daughter, Delaney, is a freshman at Purdue University.

Professionally I sit on the board of directors of the Indiana Council for the Social Studies and devote some time for that. I love to have the students explore primary sources and participate in two great programs, We the People and National History Day.

In my free time I am an avid bicyclist. I live very near the Monon, so whenever I can, I substitute my bike for my car. My favorite thing is to ride my bike to go listen to loud live indie-rock music around the city. I collect vinyl records, I read as much as I can, go to movies, go camping and hiking, eat at locally-owned restaurants, and hang out with my cat, Allie, who controls the street I live on.