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Marvin Snow – 5th Grade


Hello, I am Marvin Snow. I have been fortunate to be an educator for 20+ years. I began my journey at IPS #15 for 5 years, and then CFI # 84 starting my 16th year. I have taught inquiry in grades 4th, 5th, and 6th. I currently teach inquirers in fifth grade. I enjoy collaborating with the entire school community to help create a culture of life-long leaners. 

Every year my goal is to help each student become independent, self-advocates that will take on the challenge of meeting and exceeding their own expectations. To be able to continue their own personal journeys and discovers, that will shape them into lifelong learners. To value education with the realization that growth occurs through the acquisition of knowledge. Finally, to realize that they oversee their own learning. 

 When I am not in school, I love being balanced with my family, (wife, 4 children, 4 grandchildren). I enjoy spending time with them doing whatever we can do as a group. We love to support the local sports teams. We also love to sit on our deck at home and enjoy each other’s company. Traveling to a beachy destination is a goal as well. To me, there is no greater enjoyment than spending time with my family!