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Jamie Hall – Middle School Design


Hello everyone! I love teaching Design at CFI 84! We have such a great community here and we do amazing things! Design is a very special class. It focuses on building creative problem solving and critical thinking skills. Design is a practical application of many other subjects, especially math, art, writing, and science. I love challenging students to develop new ideas and insights as we learn and grow together. There are so many things that we explore through the design cycle, and students soon see that it is beneficial to us in many areas of our lives!

When I’m not in the classroom, I’m usually spending time with my husband and two kids, planting native plants, or making something. I love to learn to create in many different ways. I have lived and worked with kids on four continents, and I’m so happy to bring my experiences back to my home state! I have spent many summers as a summer camp art director and I love being outside. I look forward to working with and meeting all of you!