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Rachel Green Sharpe – IB Coordinator

Mrs. Rachel Green Sharpe


Mrs. Rachel Green Sharpe

My name is Rachel Green Sharpe, and I’m delighted to serve as the IB Coordinator for both the PYP and MYP programs here at CFI 84.  I have a passion for International Baccalaureate and have been involved in the program since I earned my IB diploma at North Central HS over a decade ago.  I’ve also worked at the district level supporting an entire network of schools in their efforts to become IB-authorized.  I’ve enjoyed learning and growing with our wonderful IB educators here at CFI and look forward to continuing to do so.

Prior to joining the CFI 84 team, I served as a coach and administrator at an IPS secondary school.  I have also taught students from kindergarten through 12th grade in subjects ranging from Visual Arts to freshman English to Creative Writing, and I’ve worked in schools in Chicago, Gary, and Dallas.  I love spending time with my husband, my daughter Calliope, my new baby Calder and my Welsh Corgi Argo; reading; baking; and exploring different creative pursuits!