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Wang, Alice

 Chunjing Wang

Chunjing Wang, Mandarin Teacher

Degrees and Certifications:

Eastern Michigan University : Master of Arts of Teaching in secondary language.

Jin Zhong University Major: Teaching Chinese as second language.

Hello everyone, I am so excited to be a part of CFI 70 as a Chinese (Mandarin) teacher. I was born in the north part of China, Shan xi province. I went to Jin Zhong University and my major was Teaching Chinese as Second Language. After I graduated from University in 2013, I went to Indonesia to work as a Chinese teacher. It was an amazing experience to live there. I taught kindergarten, elementary school students Chinese there for one year. I love the delicious fruits, beautiful beaches, historical culture and nice friendly people there. After that, I came back to Beijing, China. I taught Chinese for adults and high school students who come from different countries such as US, UK, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and so on. Some of them works in the Embassy, some of them for the international companies, some of them works for the Famous Newspaper, and some of them works in the banks and some of would like to apply university in China. I learned a lot from my adult students. They had great passion and motivation to learn Chinese. They told me that Chinese language and Culture are important for them to understand China and help them to do better job for their work.

I came to US in August 2016 for my Master program. I studied in Eastern Michigan University and my major is Master of Arts of Teaching in Secondary language. I lived in the Ann Arbor around the middle campus of University of Michigan. I love to live in Ann Arbor so much. It is beautiful, peaceful and diverse. I made a lot of friends here. And I did my internship in Saline high school and did my student teaching in Detroit foreign Language Immersion and Culture Studies. I enjoyed myself to teach Chinese with students who come from diverse background. In terms of my teaching philosophy, first I would teach kids to form a great learning habit and have a high expectation about themselves, then teach kids to learn Chinese Language and Culture. My Chinese lesson offer a great opportunities to let students understand how the world looks like outside of their own communities, what do the kids do in other countries in their age, how the other society looks like in China or in other part of the world, and how to speak Chinese language. Kids could also get chance to participate a lot of fun Chinese activities such as Dragon Lion dancing, Taiji, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Paper Cutting, Chinese cooking, Chinese tea performance and so on. Kid would enjoy themselves so much in my Chinese class.

If you are my students’ parents, thank you so much for letting your kids to learn Chinese. You make a great choice. There are more and more people in the world to learning Chinese not only because they can get a better job and do business with Chinese people, but also because they can learn a different language with different writing and speaking system and it is so fun and interesting. They can understand a language and Culture that enjoyed 5000 years civilizations in the world. It helps them to see the world in different ways and perspectives. Dear parents, please always give your kids big encouragement when they show a little bit interest to learn Chinese at home, your support is important to my classroom and to your kids. They will get great benefit one day when they grow up. Language is a sharp tool that enable your kids to make great work. Please feel free to ask me anything for help to teach your kids if you need. Thanks so much.