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Equitable Discipline

Student Code of Conduct

The Indianapolis Public Schools’ Student Code of Conduct (COC) encompasses both standards of behavior aimed at maintaining a positive educational environment and a support system tailored to address individual needs, fostering social, emotional, and behavioral growth. The COC undergoes an annual review and is updated every two years.

It’s important for everyone – students, teachers, and parents – to read and understand the COC. When we all know and follow these rules, our school becomes a safe, respectful, and good place for everyone to learn and do well. So, it’s essential for everyone to follow these rules and make our school a great place to be!

The COC applies to students throughout the school day, on school premises (including before and after school programs), during travel to and from school, at school-related events, at bus stops, on any vehicle funded by Indianapolis Public Schools, or in any situation that may impact an educational function, including the use of the district’s electronic network services. Disciplinary measures may be taken for serious misconduct off school premises and outside school hours if it interferes with the teaching and learning environment, including inappropriate behavior on social networking platforms that disrupts or has the potential to disrupt the learning process.

Navigating the Expulsion Process

At IPS our goal is to surround students with positive behavioral supports that assist each student in having a successful school career. However, if a student has an incident or exhibits ongoing inappropriate behaviors that warrant implementation of the expulsion process, the school administration will generate a request for expulsion. When this happens, the school notifies the parent that their student has been recommended for expulsion and provides an overview of the expulsion process. 

Then the district Expulsion Examiner’s team will contact the parent/guardian and discuss next steps. They will follow up with a letter containing vital information, so it is imperative to watch your preferred method of communication (email, mail, text messaging) closely and follow the directions the letter gives. This ensures that IPS provides the best support possible for all students.

For questions regarding this process, please call 463-271-8757 or 317-226-3875.