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Resources for Educators

  • Byrdseed Byrdseed.com is a resource for teachers who work with gifted and talented students. If you work with this population, you know that textbooks do little to address their unique needs, leading to boredom, apathy, and behavior problems. Hopefully you’ll find tools and ideas to help you reach these kids.
  • Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page, the all-things-gifted site, full of resources, articles, books and links to help and support parents, teachers, and gifted children alike.  Pick your path, and explore them all!
  • Prufrock Press Exciting Teaching and Learning Tools. For more than 25 years, teachers, parents, and kids have looked to Prufrock Press for exciting, informative learning resources designed for gifted, advanced, and special needs learners.
  • Royal Fireworks Press Offers educational materials to “challenge and intrigue” students in your classroom.
  • Davidson Institute The mission of the Davidson Institute is to recognize, nurture and support profoundly intelligent young people and to provide opportunities for them to develop their talents to make a positive difference.
  • Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted SENG is a nonprofit organization that empowers families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Professional Organizations

  • Indiana Association for the Gifted The Indiana Association for the Gifted educates and advocates for meeting the academic and social / emotional needs of gifted youth.
  • National Association for Gifted Children NAGC’s mission is to support those who enhance the growth and development of gifted and talented children through education, advocacy, community building, and research. We aim to help parents and families, K-12 education professionals including support service personnel, and members of the research and higher education community who work to help gifted and talented children as they strive to achieve their personal best and contribute to their communities.

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  • Indiana Department of Education Standards Page The Indiana Academic Standards for Mathematics demonstrate what students should know and be able to do in the areas of K-8 Mathematics; Algebra I, II, and Geometry; and higher-level high school Mathematics courses. Instruction in Mathematics provides vital content and skills for lifelong learning and problem solving in our increasingly complex technological world and engages students in the essential thinking skills and processes used across subject areas.
  • Mathematics Standards Vertical Articulations The Vertical Articulation documents illustrate the significant connections between the standards across grade levels. Administrators and teachers are strongly encouraged to use these documents to facilitate cross-grade level discussions.

Professional Organizations

  • Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics(ICTM) The Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) is a statewide organization concerned with and working for the interests of mathematics educators and mathematics education. The membership including the ICTM Board of Directors, includes teachers from all levels and from all parts of the state. The activities of the council are many and varied, as are the benefits to be derived from membership and participation.
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics advocates for high-quality mathematics teaching and learning for each and every student.


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