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Graduation Support Services

The overall mission of Graduation Support Services is to increase the graduation rate in Indianapolis Public Schools by building student and staff supports and cultivating an environment where everyone believes ALL students can and will succeed. IPS employs Graduation Coaches who support with developing, implementing and monitoring effective dropout prevention and graduation support services throughout the district. We strive to ensure that every student has the opportunity to stay on track and have a solid plan to graduate with a viable postsecondary plan.

The goal in IPS is for every student to achieve one of the 3Es upon graduation:

  • Enrolled in college
  • Enlisted in the military
  • Employed at a livable wage

IPS Graduation Coaches

IPS employs High School and K-8 Graduation Coaches to provide individualized interventions and monitoring to ensure student success throughout the district. Through the use of an Early Warning Tracking System, coaches are able to identify individual students who are not reaching their full potential based on their attendance, discipline and course performance.

High School Graduation Coaches collaborate with counselors, social workers, teachers, administrators, school personnel and community stakeholders to provide effective intervention services for students who need extra support in order to graduate.

K-8 Graduation Coaches provide assistance to schools throughout the district on the Attendance Initiative, behavior supports and curriculum in order to support academic achievement that will lead students toward graduation and postsecondary success.

Graduation Coach services may include:

  • Analyzing data to identify students at risk of dropping out.
  • Supporting of districtwide initiatives.
  • Working with students to develop individual graduation plans.
  • Providing direct student support while building relationships.
  • Connecting parents and students with appropriate resources.
  • Encouraging parent involvement.
  • Providing parent and school staff workshops.
  • Supporting postsecondary planning.
  • Assisting in the facilitation of school-based dropout prevention and attendance teams.
  • Holding home visits/conferences.
  • Conducting attendance motivation/programs and campaigns.

Graduation Contact Info

  • High School Graduation Coaches: Please contact the school.
  • K-8 Graduation Coaches: Call Students Services at 317-226-3628.

Graduation Resources & Requirements