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Future Centers

Through the generosity of Lilly Endowment Inc., IPS received a $2.87 million Lilly Counseling Initiative Grant to implement Future Centers at four IPS high schools and expand Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum in Grades K-8.

Launched in Fall 2018, the Future Centers are physical spaces and serve as school-based advising centers where students can define their college and career plans, and receive guidance and support to execute them. Future Center staff partner with their school’s traditional academic counselors and are equipped with educators focused solely on assisting students with developing and executing post-secondary plans.

The delineation between in-school support provided by counselors and postsecondary planning support provided by college and career readiness is intentional and reflects IPS’ investment in postsecondary readiness.

The centers create a hub for students and families to meet with community-based organizations, higher education partners, military recruiters and employers. Future Center staff has identified mission-aligned partners to drive year-round programming opportunities for students to advance post-secondary plans.  Future Center staff, in conjunction with the district’s Postsecondary Readiness team, are also developing and implementing persistence programming to support IPS students after graduation. Persistence programming aligns with the district’s 3E strategy for IPS high schools, with differentiated opportunities for students who are enrolled, enlisted or employed upon graduation.

The High School Future Centers are designed to help our students take the steps needed to successfully transition to Enrollment, Enlistment or Employment upon graduation. Students can avail themselves to valuable support services in the areas of college and career-readiness skill building, mentoring, technical assistance and more.

Featuring the latest technology, strong support from our collegiate and corporate partners, and knowledgeable and friendly staff, our Future Center and its resources are available to our scholars throughout their high school experience and during their journey through college or early years in the workforce.

Services include:

  • Mentoring – Individualized or group mentoring sessions offer students support during their high school years to help them overcome any social and emotional hurdles they encounter.
  • Interview Training – Mock interviews, through one-on-one or group training, help students prepare for upcoming job or college/military interviews by perfecting skills and providing valuable feedback.
  • College Application Support – Staff provides students with assistance in understanding and completing financial-aid forms and scholarship applications, and researching additional ways to make college affordable and attainable.
  • Tutoring – Whether students are preparing for college essays, the ACT or SAT, or just need additional support, tutoring in math and writing are provided to foster greater understanding and mastery of core curriculum.