We believe all of our students deserve to be surrounded by caring and supportive educators who have high expectations for their success at school.  We believe our students deserve to have holistic learning experiences reflecting rigor and relevance.  We believe students deserve a safe, clean, and comfortable instructional environment.

School History

School #79 was built in 1958 in a suburban area called Eagledale. This community mushroomed following the Korean War. School #79, as well as other elementary schools on the Westside, grew to capacity enrollment. In the early 60′s, this school boasted of having the largest enrollment in the State of Indiana.

From its beginning to the present, this school has maintained high academic standards and exemplary test scores as well as a highly trained and supportive administration and faculty. To verify this, one has only to check the honor rolls of our middle and high schools to see many of our students’ names.

Just as there have been changes in schools throughout America, there have been changes at School #79. One stabilizing force in the midst of the changes has been the belief that all children can learn if given a framework of high academic standards and behavioral guidelines administered by a dedicated faculty.