Lab School #60 Parent Teacher Collaborative, called “The Lab Collab” for short, is our parent-teacher organization that works to support our students and school. The Lab Collab is led by an executive board that is comprised of elected parents and a teacher liaison. The board members for School Year 2020 – 2021 are:

Collab members
  • Candace Tatum, President
  • Nicole Goodson, Vice-President
  • Andy Howard, Recording Secretary
  • Angelina Moore, Communications Secretary
  • Rachael Sanchez, Treasurer
  • Shane Grotjan, Teacher Liaison

Additionally, The Lab Collab aims to: 

  • Keep parents up-to-date
  • Identify where parent support, energy and work can be directed
  • Allow parents to collaborate with other parents
  • Provide a forum for parents to give input
  • Build camaraderie, friendship, and support among our parents, teachers and staff 

We welcome everyone affiliated with the school to come to meetings, join a project team, and help our school continue to be a great place. To learn more about project teams, please click here.