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Sunday Evening Phone Message for 12.15.19

  • Our school’s mission is inspiring children to transform the world.  This week’s mission moment goes to Mrs. McDaniel’s 1st grade class. Mrs. McDaniel’s class became really interested in cicadas and giant beetles while playing outside, and that interest led them to their insect project.  Students created an insect museum to share their knowledge with others. They want to teach people more about insects and how not to be scared of them but to respect them as living beings. 
  • Help keep our teachers and friends from getting sick. Keep your child home until his or her fever has gone without medicine for 24 hours. Colds can continue to be contagious for at least 48 hours. Also keep your child home for 24 hours after the last time he or she vomited or had diarrhea. Thanks for helping our community to stay healthy! 
  • Thank you for calling the office prior to 2:30 pm for dismissal changes. Please remember that the earlier we know about the change the better for us ensuring a smooth dismissal for students! 
  • Students last day before winter break is Thursday December 19th. There is no school for students this Friday December 20th. Semester 2 begins Monday January 6th. On behalf of all of the staff at School 55 we wish you and your families happy holidays and a restful winter break!