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Sunday Evening Phone Message for 11.10.19

  • Mission Moment: One of our 5th grade classes was disappointed because they weren’t able to order a class subscription to Scholastic Magazine for the year. Inspired by what he loves about the magazine, a student in the class decided to make one himself and distribute it to his entire class, so they could still enjoy a magazine together. The magazine, written and illustrated by Ben Munson, is called Fun Time Magazine, and includes a drawing lesson, news, jokes, games, comics, and a survey. He states that the magazine will come ‘every Friday that he can handle.’ 
  • Middle School Boys Basketball Game Monday Nov. 11th at School 84 at 6:15pm. There may be admission fees: $2.00 for adults and children over six, $1.00 for children 5 and under, or $5.00 for a family. Please join us to cheer on our middle school boys.
  • On Wednesday, Nov. 13th the Hero Health Clinic will be at our school providing flu vaccines for students who have parent consent. If you’d like your child to receive the vaccine please fill out the paperwork that was sent home or contact the front office for another copy. 
  • We believe students need recess even when it is cold! Time outdoors is important for students even in the winter. If the “feels like” temperature is 20 or above the kids will have outdoor recess. Please make sure your student is ready for recess every day. If you need assistance with winter gear for your student please contact Mrs. Barber. 
  • We are continuing to gather materials such as 
    • adult or kid sized t-shirts that are solid colors
    • fabric and ribbon
    • found parts – objects that you might otherwise throw away (hardware, plastic lids, corks)
    • toilet paper and paper towel rolls
    • please drop them off in the Houdek Donation Box that is in the front office.
  • There is no school for students on Tuesday, Nov. 19th. The district has declared this day a professional development day so that teachers can attend the Red for Ed event downtown. AYS will be offering childcare on the 19th at CFI 27 and CFI 70 from 6:30 AM to 6 PM.
  • The Boltdog Boosters parent meeting that was scheduled for Tuesday Nov. 19th has been moved to Wednesday Nov. 20th at 6 PM in the cafeteria due to the Red for Ed event.