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Sunday Evening Phone Message for 11.3.19

  • Mission Moment: We recently had more peer mediators trained to help with conflict in the classroom. This program empowers students to help one another solve problems between peers and advocate for themselves when problems arise. Ask your child if they’ve used a peer mediation to solve a problem at school!
  • On Tuesday, November 5th we are a voting site and the gym and parking near the gym will be used for elections. Morning drop off and afternoon pickup will happen outside of the cafeteria instead of outside of the gym. There will be cones marking the area we will use on Tuesday!
  • On Wednesday, Nov. 13th the Hero Health Clinic will be at our school providing flu vaccines for students who have parent consent. Paperwork went home on Friday. Please fill out the form if you would like your child to get their flu shot at school! 
  • Fresh air, exercise and free play are excellent for children, which is why we try to get our kids outside during recess even when it is cold! If the “feels like” temperature is 20 or above the kids will have outdoor recess. We also look at other factors, for example, if the playground is a sheet of ice, it is raining hard, etc we may have indoor recess instead.
  • PLEASE make sure your student is ready for recess every day. Please have your student put in a change of clothes in their backpack that can stay in there for the Winter in case they get wet or muddy and need to change. If you need assistance with winter gear for your student please contact Mrs. Barber at the school.
  • We are continuing to gather materials for several upcoming projects. If you have
    • adult or kid sized t-shirts that are solid colors
    • fabric and ribbon
    • found parts – objects that you might otherwise throw away (hardware, plastic lids, corks)
    • toilet paper and paper towel rolls
    • please drop them off in the Houdek Donation Box that is in the front office.
  • IPS is hosting a series of Town Hall meetings to discuss the state of the district including its growth and future. The first three meetings are this week Nov. 4th at Arsenal Tech, November 6th at Arlington Middle School, and November 7th at Shortridge High School. The meetings start at 6:30 and childcare will be available. Visit for more info.