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Parent Meeting Notes 4.16.19

  1. Principal Update – Mrs. Kent
    • We are excited to announce Chris Henderson as our Teacher of the Year for this school year. Mr. Henderson is an excellent kindergarten teacher. He builds strong relationships with kids and families. We are excited to celebrate his accomplishments!
    • Hiring for next year is going really well. These are the positions we are adding next school year:
      1. Part-time counselor
      2. Middle School ELA/S.S. teacher
      3. Middle School Math/Science teacher
      4. Music teacher
      5. Special education teacher
    • Munson has launched an amazing peer mediation program. We have a few peer mediators trained in each 3rd-6th grade class. If younger students need a mediation Mr. Munson connects them with some older student peer mediators to assist. We have had 15 successful mediations since last Monday and only one mediation needed follow up for Mr. Munson.
    • The buddy bench is outside on the playground! It’s exciting to see all the hard work that was put in by the class. Thanks for all those who donated plastic!
    • Playworks – Fund the Need at The Bulldog Bash – hope to raise $2,500 as seed money for Playworks Coach. Other funds will come from Title 1 funds, and Mrs. Kent has written a grant to the IPS Foundation to underwrite extra cost instead of taking money from budget. Need $28,000 to cover cost of fulltime Playworks Coach. Video for more information is here:
    • We have received a few questions about how Playworks fits with our philosophy. One concern has been that students won’t have any free time on the playground if we have a playworks coach. Playworks is meant to add more options to our playground and introduce more games to the students. The students will still have choice outside and they will not be forced to choose the game of the day. Playworks also teaches positive social skills like how to handle disagreements with peers and how to include all students. We feel these aspects of the program align with our school’s philosophy.
    • We still have spots for next year in 2nd– 5th grade! Continue spreading the word about our school. The second round of the lottery closes April 30th!
  2. Bike to School Day – Matt Hygema
    • Going to be a super fun morning; visit from “Hink” the Butler mascot; Nine 13 Sports onsite with Bike Simulators and educating classrooms on benefits of cycling.
    • Wednesday, May 8; weather date make up will be May 10
    • Plan
      • 0730-0830: Setup at School 55
      • 0800-0815: Bike trains assemble
      • 0815: Trains depart 0815 (North train at 42nd and Monon; South train at 62nd and Monon)
      • 0845: All Riders Arrive at School
      • 0845-0920: Park bikes, snack, pedal Nine13Sports simulators. 
      • 0905: Doors open
      • 0920: Start school
    • Volunteers needed to lead bike trains; gathering at school; distribute snacks – Thanks to all parents who have volunteered to pull this off!
    • Funding for snacks – voted and approved for $100 to buy snacks and coffee for parents
  3. What should our parent group look like?
    • Pros and Cons of PTA, PTO, Booster
    • Parent Surveys home = 23 yes; 4 no (left no contact info, so I could not explore further); 1 no – did leave contact info; met with for town hall coffee and changed her vote to yes; also anyone who voted no or left their contact information on their parent survey was asked to join the By-laws task force.
    • Sean Northup – lead the vote on becoming an organized Booster Club through PBUSA (Parent Boosters USA)
    • Vote was conducted onsite – unanimously voted to establish Parent Group as a Booster Club through Parent Boosters USA.
    • Next Steps –
      • Form Nominating Committee to draft a Slate of Officers – Sean Northup, Danyell Wiley, Brooke Stage, April Barber, and Nicole Kent
      • Form Bylaws Committee to review and prepare final draft of Bylaws – Brooke Thomas, Anna-Lissa Smith, Lindsay Williams, Sean Northup, Hannah Northup, April Barber and Nicole Kent.
      • At May 7th meeting – Vote on Slate of Officers and Bylaws
  4. Bulldog Bash update
    • Bulldog Bash is May 4 from 6-10pm
    • at The Opera House at 4011 N Pennsylvania
    • Fun, Casual (think jeans and your favorite t-shirt) Adults only event
    • Link to sign up – FREE event, but if you want to buy food and drink purchase in advance at
    • Bitty Bash – Vince Hernly Karate Dojo, 6-10pm,
    • $25 for one child, $40 for 2 children, $55 for 3 or more children
    • Activities and Pizza
    • Only room for 60 kids.
    • Sign up at: com/hernlyfamilykarate
    • Then scroll down to Butler Bitty Bash
    • Our goal to raise is $75,000 which would be $25,000 for our school!
    • Will you commit to the event?
    • Will you invite one or two of your child’s classmates families to attend WITH YOU?
  5. Playworks – Fund the Need at The Bulldog Bash
  6. Teacher Appreciation – Sarah Thompson and Barb Wylie
    • Week of May 6-10
      • Monday- Muffins and Coffee
      • Tuesday- Post it note card- Volunteers needed during the lunch hour
        • Students are encouraged to pick/bring a flower for teacher
      • Wednesday- Chair Yoga
      • Thursday- Breakfast provided by local church
      • Friday- Hot Lunch (Taco Bar)
        • Room treats and card delivered in the am
        • Chair Massage during prep
  7. Outdoor Committee –
    • Thank you for putting on the ball drive!! Classes have spent the last week going over agreements for new recess equipment and are able to start using the new materials this week. We collected enough to keep extra materials aside so that we can replenish when needed.
    • Possible upcoming work for outdoor committee: Ms. Cusicks’ class is going to plant a ‘classroom’ of trees (1 for every student in her class) in the grass area between the parking lot and baseball fences. The idea is to plant them in a circle so that it will create a gathering place or outdoor classroom over time. We will need a group of volunteers to water the trees at times when we are not in school. Would the outdoor committee be willing to organize a sign up for families to help out? We would need one family for each week of the summer to be responsible for watering the new trees. Depending on the weather, the trees will need to get 5 gallons of water once a week. If it’s really dry and hot, every 3 days. 
  8. End of the year Picnic and Kickball – Thursday, May 30
    • Location? Baseball will be using space
      • Arsenal Park at 46th/49th and Haverford?
      • $75 for shelter
      • $5 per hour for fields
      • $10 per hour for BB courts
      • 5-8pm rental would be $120
  9. General Announcements –
    • ILEARN Testing Window – April 22 – May 17
    • Inclement Weather Make-Up day from January 30 is Friday, May 24
    • Incoming Kindergarten Orientation – Tuesday, June 4; 6-7:30pm