Our partnership with Naviance, a college and career readiness platform
has proven to be an excellent resource for our students and families in a
number of ways.  With a wide scope of tools within the platform, it is
designed to set our students up for success in their post-secondary endeavors.


Among the many college search tools available on the
platform, the earliest planning option is SuperMatch. To alleviate some of
the stresses over the college search process, the SuperMatch tool offers more
than 20 search criteria that will help find the best college fit. Students then
can research the resulting schools and save them to refer to at a later date.


Other potential college searches include “Colleges Looking for
Students Like You,” “Colleges Other Students Like” and “Colleges that Have
Accepted Students Like You.” This advanced search tool enables students to
focus on criteria that are most important to them.


Parents and school counselors can also access saved searches to offer
additional support to students.


“We use [Naviance] with our students and have really appreciated its
many convenient features,” says Mariam Van Wesenbeeck, counselor at Shortridge
International Baccalaureate High School. “Our junior and senior classes are
currently using the platform. They are finding it very user-friendly and they
like that it is so easy to access.”


foundation is built on supporting the families and students within IPS. We want
to see students reach their full potential, learn at high levels and graduate
prepared to succeed in school, career and life. For more information about
Naviance, please contact your school counselor.