Winter break starts for students today! Students will be at home or traveling for at least two weeks, far away from teachers, classrooms and textbooks. IPS District Curriculum Coaches partnered with a team of Literacy Coaches to develop fun educational activities, available in English and Spanish, for K-8 students to engage in over Winter break.  


“We wanted students to have an opportunity to do more than just a worksheet over break. We developed activities that would be engaging and exciting for students and able to keep their minds sharp,” says IPS Curriculum Officer Tammy Bowman. 


The activities range from 3rd graders becoming journalists assigned to write an informative article to help aliens that have just landed on Earth learn about a plant or rock to 5th graders writing survival guides for their newly discovered colonies.  


Don’t worry parents, we have an easy option for your high schoolers, too! “For high school students, I would suggest they spend time reading a good book over break to keep their minds focused,” says Bowman.


Another way to keep students engaged in learning over Winter break is to involve them in the excitement of the holiday season. If you’re cooking or baking, have them do the measuring and mixing — that’s a dash of math and science. To mix in a little history and comprehension, share tales of family traditions and have them retell the stories during the family dinner. Access the Winter break activities here. We encourage our students to enjoy Winter break and come back on January 4 ready to learn!