The old-age saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” has never been more true for students at four of our schools.

This year Indianapolis Public Schools partnered with Lemonade Day Indianapolis to bring their entrepreneurial curriculum district-wide.

Students completed online interactive activities in business and economics that pertain to running a lemonade stand. Teachers were able to track students’ progress and encourage students to continue in the curriculum. The students then work together on setting goals, creating advertising, deciding job roles and finding an organization to benefit from the stand’s profits.

According to Francis W. Parker School 56 teacher Tiffany Alderfer, her class used inspiration from the Montessori principle “we learn by doing” while working on the Lemonade Day project.

“The students wrote about the project in their small groups,” Alderfer said. “One group wrote ‘this project will help build teamwork and partnership. It will teach us how to work in the future.’ It’s been a great experience for them.”

Paul I. Miller School 114 Stephanie Ruddy has been using the Lemonade Day curriculum in her third grade classroom for the last five years.

Ruddy said that the Lemonade Day curriculum has gotten better every year and that her kids love participating. This year Ruddy wrote a DonorsChoose grant for a classroom set of “The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies that has brought the “curriculum to life for the students.”

“Because of Lemonade Day, my students have taken an online class – in 3rd grade!” Ruddy said. “Economics can be challenging for 3rd graders, but not this year. My students are so excited to run their stand. I encourage everyone to go out and support these young small business owners!”

Ruddy’s class also had the opportunity to participate in the Lemonade Day Canal Coloring downtown with Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.

Student Jozi Z. even gave a speech!

“I am so excited to be part of Lemonade Day,” Jozi Z. said. “This is my very first year! We did the online learning games for Lemonade Day. I think it helped us get ideas for our Lemonade Day Stand. The online part of Lemonade Day taught us how to make a profit, and how important advertising is. We also learned how important it is to set a goal. Our goal is to raise $100 for Indy Humane.”
Ruddy’s students operated their stand during the school’s field day on Friday and even tried to maximize their profit by having one stand outside and one stand inside. 
Most of the profits the students earn from their Lemonade Day stands are donated to local organizations. Students at Francis W. Parker School 56 will use the profits from their stand for musical instruments for the school and gardening supplies for their garden. Paul I. Miller School 114 will donate their profits to the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

Lemonade Day is a great way for students to learn how to run a business at an early age. So visit the nearest Lemonade Day stand this weekend and support our budding entrepreneurs!

As student Ricki N. said “Stop by for a nice cold cup and Happy Lemonade Day!”