Wendell Phillips School 63 students celebrate Grandparents Day with a group photo. On September 12, the 2nd grade classes at Wendell Phillips School 63 held a Grandparents Day. Sixty students invited their grandparents (and parents) to visit their school, join in some activities and see what goes on in their classrooms.

The students wanted to share what they are doing with their families. And according to Elda Pena, Parent Involvement Educator at Wendell Phillips, the event was “the start of a push to get parents and grandparents more involved in the school.”

Over 40 grandparents and parents came. The students sang a song to welcome their guests. They read their first writing of the year, their autobiographies, to their families. The grandparents, staff and students even worked on a craft together, a #1 Grandma or Grandpa ribbon. Kayleigh Cope, one of the 2nd-grade teachers, said, “Everyone had a wonderful time!”

Principal Jean Ely said Wendell Phillips is working hard to make grandparents and parents “feel comfortable coming into the classroom and supporting the school.” A fun event like this one spent welcoming grandparents is a great step in that direction.

IPS is proud of the work Wendell Phillips students and families are doing together!