NASA Skype Date

Sixth graders at Washington Irving School 14 had an out of this world experience earlier this week! Elementary school teacher Ms. Rachelle Wilson pulled some strings with a former classmate after students expressed special interests in Astronomy and humanity’s impact on the Earth. The students were given the opportunity to hold a Skype conference call with former Indiana native, Cody Jones, NASA Ground Commander for the International Space Station.


After comparing and contrasting themes in non-fiction astronomy articles and those within the movie “Interstellar,” curiosity sparked and students began asking more in-depth questions, prompting Ms. Wilson to reach out Commander Jones.  The conference began with a 15minute video tour from Astronaut Terry Virts, also known as Astro Terry (@astro_terry) through social media platforms, of the International Space Station.  Followed by a student-lead question and answer session with Commander Jones. “This was an amazing classroom adventure for both staff and students!” says Principal Karen Hastings.


We couldn’t be more excited for the students that were able to participate in this unique experience; opportunities like these have the potential to spark specials interests within students and can help shape their futures.