This Veteran’s Day Indianapolis Public Schools proudly acknowledges the talented veterans that are a part of teamIPS.

Lora Elliott, a Health and Physical Education Teacher at Arsenal Technical High School, served in the army for 22 years, earning numerous awards, including:

  • a bronze star for service during combat operations in Desert Storm for handling intelligence; 
  • a meritorious service medal while serving in Bosnia and Croatia and helping with deployment and sustainment of troops there; and
  • a second bronze star during the Iraq campaign while commander of the 48th Military History Detachment.

As commander of that History Unit attached to the 101st Airborne Division, she served in Afghanistan post-9/11 and in Iraq during the Iraq War. They were responsible for collecting all documents and photographs from all units and doing interviews with key officers regarding command decisions so those decisions could be understood and examined later. She even interviewed General David Petraeus, the commander of the 101st Airborne at that time.

Other highlights of her career included being a paratrooper like her dad, flying into Afghanistan under blackout conditions, and being a commander in two combat operations where everyone in her command came home safely.

She also remembers one ordinary night when she was stationed in Hungary and walking down the street with three local pilots. “I thought to myself who would have ever thought in my lifetime that a female officer would be walking down the street in a Soviet bloc country in the middle of the night with three Hungarian pilots,” Elliott said.

Warren York III, a 6th-grade teacher at Carl Wilde School 79, is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He joined the Air Force right after high school in 1987.

York was the only member of his training class to be awarded the Samuel F. B. Morse Award for his mastery of Morse Code. In fact, he aced the test for the award. “True story. The sergeants administering the test thought that I had cheated,” York said. He took the test again, proved his mastery, and by the time he was 18, was trained on cutting-edge surveillance equipment.

He was sent to San Vito, Italy, to work in surveillance and information gathering that helped keep the United States safe. “I was now officially a Printer Systems Operator. That was the government’s title. But our unit knew that we were spies. Truly an amazing experience,” York said.

Though he eventually left the Air Force to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree, he credits the discipline and work ethic that the Air Force drilled into him as life-changing in helping him to succeed.

Lora Elliott and Warren York are just two of the skilled and experienced veterans IPS is fortunate enough to have as part of our staff. We truly thank them and all the other veterans on staff for their outstanding service both to our country and to the students of IPS!