You’re probably familiar with your
standard veggies – like cucumbers, broccoli and carrots – but how often do you
branch out to foods like jicama or rutabaga? Thanks to the expansion of our
vegetable bars, students are widening their fresh produce horizons!

 Veggie Bar

The IPS Foodservice Division vegetable
bars began two years ago with a pilot program at SUPER School 19. This year,
we’re rolling out veggie bars districtwide.


“Our focus is to help our students to eat
more fresh vegetables,” said Foodservice Operations Manager Steven Gudorf.
“They’re already eating plenty of fruit at breakfast and through our
after-school snack program, but vegetables are our challenge.”


Our friendly foodservice staff has
vegetable bars at 12 elementary schools and seven high schools, and we’ll have
one in each IPS school by the end of the school year.


Staffing and training needs require a
phased approach to the veggie bar rollout. Once the vegetable bar is available
in your student’s school, they will be able to enjoy as many fresh veggies as
they can eat on a varied, bi-weekly rotating menu.


“Students have been really excited,” said
Gudorf, “they’ll eat items off of the vegetable bar that they normally wouldn’t
select from the serving line. There is something to be said for the ability to
pick out your vegetables yourself!”


A huge thanks to our foodservice team for
bringing healthy food to our students in a new and exciting way!