Indianapolis Public Schools is thrilled to launch a new
strategic plan this year, and our committees are hard at work to shape the
future of the district! Diverse groups of active stakeholders from the IPS
family and our community are developing three goal areas: Teaching and
Learning, Efficient Operations, and Family and Community.

The work of these committees has shown great success,
despite the challenges that can come from the complicated nature of group work.

“Some people come in voicing their opinions strongly, while
others benefit by being nudged to speak up and have their voices heard,” said
IPS Chief Strategist Le Boler. “It’s natural for people to bring their own
opinions and their personal experiences to the table. We work through that and
take from the comments valuable information to determine what work is necessary
– isolated or widespread, immediate or long-term, and functional or strategic.
I believe each of the committees have done great work to develop solid
products. They’ve been able to work through their various perspectives and
draft measurable aims to ensure successful outcomes for all children in the

The current product of each committee is a series of goals
and objectives specific to their area of the strategic plan. These goals and
objectives will now be shared with larger stakeholder groups – including
principals, students, parents, IPS central services and business advisory
councils – for review.

While stakeholder groups review potential goals and
objectives, the committees will work on drafting strategies and metrics that
would allow the district and our community to measure progress on the strategic
plan after it is implemented. The committees will make revisions to the drafted
goals and objectives based on community feedback, along with adding any items
identified by existing district data. Goals and objectives that require
immediate attention will be pulled from strategic plan work and placed into the
operational work of the administration.

We appreciate the strong guidance of our Board of School
Commissioners, which has active representation on each committee.

“Our board commissioners have been providing valuable
leadership and support in the process,” said Boler.

thank the strategic plan committee members for dedicating many hours of their
time to the process each week, and we look forward to sharing the culmination
of their efforts with the public this year!