For two years Trey has dreamed of becoming a basketball coach. However, there are many steps to take for Trey to achieve this goal and he knows that working with a mentor is one way to draw inspiration. Did we mention Trey is a fourth grader and his mentor is a University of Indianapolis student?

Trey is one of approximately 100 students in grades 2-6 from Paul I. Miller School 114 and Raymond F. Brandes School 65 that participate in the College Mentors program at UIndy. Trey, a student at Paul I. Miller has been a part of the program since he was a second grader.

Elementary students are paired with a UIndy student that serves as their mentor. Mentors and “Little Buddies” as the elementary students are called, spend an hour together once a week participating in activities that the College Mentors have assembled for the school group.

This week the mentors and their buddies focused on budgeting and finance. Mentors and buddies played “The Game of Life,” with buddies picking a career and them determining a monthly budget based on income. There was also a station on how to write a check properly, good information to know even in the digital era.

Second grader Mary said she likes having fun with her mentor, and that this week she’s learned “you have to pay money to get food.”

UIndy sophomore Brandi said she likes hanging out with her little buddy and enjoys seeing how much the program makes their day. “It’s cool being able to expose them to all these activities, I love seeing their reactions when they learn something new.”

One of the favorite things the buddies have learned recently – how to write their names in Chinese.
“College Mentors is such an important addition to our students learning experience,” Paul I. Miller teacher Stephanie Ruddy said.  “Going to a college campus and being comfortable there is a great experience. Our students feel a sense of self-worth because they know and can talk with college students. Their school behavior truly improves as a result of this wonderful program.”

We’re proud to have a great relationship with UIndy so our students can enjoy these outstanding activities and life lessons each week!