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Twelve More IPS Schools Join Forces with Indianapolis Public Library for Enhanced Classroom Resources

 In Spring 2024, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) will enhance the learning experience for about 5,000 additional students thanks to an expanded partnership with the Indianapolis Public Library (IndyPL).

Twelve more IPS schools are slated to become part of The Indianapolis Public Library’s Shared System, facilitating improved access to physical and digital resources within the classroom. These 12 schools will join the 14 schools (and 8,867 students) that are already part of the system. 

This collaboration — with 26 IPS schools and nearly 14,000 students — marks a pivotal step in providing students with enriched educational tools and opportunities for the upcoming academic term, said IPS Supt. Dr. Aleesia Johnson.

“By fostering accessibility to a wealth of physical and digital resources, we are opening new doors to learning, empowering students to explore, discover, and excel,” Dr. Johnson said. “This initiative aligns with our commitment to providing an enriched educational environment and equipping our students with the tools they need to thrive in the modern learning landscape.”

The latest IPS school libraries entering the Shared System are Christian Park School 82, Daniel Webster School 46, George Julian School 57, James A. Garfield School 31, Lew Wallace School 107, William McKinley School 39, Eliza Blaker (Butler Lab) School 55, William Bell (Butler Lab) School 60, Eleanor Skillen School 34, Frederick Douglass School 19, Robert Lee Frost School 106, and Rousseau McClellan School 91.  

The Shared System is an interlibrary collaboration between IndyPL, 66 schools, five special libraries, and three museums. The schools function as a branch of The Library, allowing students to use The Library’s catalog to request books, DVDs, and CDs owned by IndyPL or other Shared System members to be delivered by The Indianapolis Public Library to their school libraries. In addition, students at Shared System member libraries have access to their own library’s collection and more than two million additional IndyPL books, resources, and databases. 

“At The Library, we are diversifying our collection so that all patrons have access to educational resources, and all patrons can find themselves reflected in the pages of their favorite books,” said Gregory Hill, CEO of The Indianapolis Public Library. “We look forward to inviting more schools into our Shared System because more students will have access to the city’s public educational resources at their school or community library.”