If you are looking for a change in Indianapolis Public
Schools that brings together the district’s commitment to technology, to going
paperless and to five-star service to our families, you don’t have to look any
further than the recent adoption of CareDox, a cloud services system for
personal health information.

CareDox can store information on immunizations, allergies,
medical alerts, medications and medical history. It can also be used to keep
family contact information, emergency contacts and hospital and doctor

Using the system, our parents can, paperlessly and
effortlessly, enter their emergency health information using their home
computer, tablet or smartphone–no more forms to fill out, no more repeated
filling out the forms year after year! Parents can update their information
whenever they need to and right online.

Our schools benefit from the efficiencies of CareDox, too.
Because the system provides a bridge between the state immunization database
(CHIRP) and eSchool, the district’s student information management system,
schools can easily ensure all students have the required immunizations. Also,
school-based staff don’t have to spend time entering immunization information
for most students, making enrollment more efficient.

Schools will easily be able to access that information via a
convenient dashboard and easily run reports on any information in the system.

Initial setup of CareDox is complete, and the system is
already showing a great return. After the download of CHIRP and eSchool
information into the system, we’ve already discovered immunization information
is present for all but 300 of our enrolled students, saving families and IPS
employees countless hours of work!

Many IPS employees including Office of Student Assignment
staff, nurses, secretaries and registrars have already received training.
Principals and Parent Involvement Educators will be trained soon, and all IPS
families will receive login information for the system on the first day of

“CareDox is not just school nurse software. This is a tool
to make sure your entire school has up-to-date and accurate health information
with verifications and controls and has real-time access, and to make sure the
entire care community of any student, including parents, have the access to
what they need. That’s what CareDox is all about,” said CareDox CEO Hesky

We’re happy to say that after just a short time in use
CareDox is proving to be a technology update that transfers savings right to
our bottom line and makes sense for everyone in IPS—students, families and
employees alike!