Did you know Arsenal Technical High School has a restaurant on campus? With carefully set tables, soft music, and the bustle of a working kitchen heard nearby you’d think it’s just like any other restaurant, but there’s one difference – it’s run by our students!


The IPS Career Technology Center is proud to host a successful Culinary Arts program, and our future chefs hone their skills by working at Colonel’s Cupboard in the heart of Tech’s campus. The school year begins with book work just like any other class, but the culinary students study the keystones of hospitality, food safety, accounting, and restaurant management. As we begin the second quarter of the school year, our culinary students are ready to put those skills to practice – and you’re invited to enjoy the product of their hard work!


Beginning October 23, Colonel’s Cupboard will be in operation every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday that school is in session. Lunch is served from 10:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. on those days.


Chef India King leads the Culinary Arts program, and is proud to say each year she finds more and more of her current students and culinary graduates are gainfully employed in the field. Chef King starts the year off with menu suggestions, but she says the students quickly begin exploring their creativity in the kitchen.


“We want that innovative spirit,” said Chef King. “They’re very creative in what they’re doing. They’re learning, they’re developing, they’re very good kids. They’re finding recipes on their own and using our culinary techniques and methods to produce those recipes here. The skills they’re developing now are the ones they’ll be able to use at the college level.”


Most importantly, the students are proud of the food they’re serving to their community.


“It’s good quality food,” said Maysha M., a senior who hopes to be a chef in a fine dining establishment someday. “It’s not cheap, drive-thru food – it’s worth the money that you’re spending.”


“The food is great,” said senior Emoni S., who would love to run a bakery in the future. “I’ll be honest, the tips are my favorite part; we deliver to the teachers, and the tips we get can really add up!”


Chef King says the menu at Colonel’s Cupboard reflects the makeup of our student body, and it’s exciting to see how that is changing over time.


“We’re getting more and more diverse in IPS, and I just love it. I have students from Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico… and what they’re doing is bringing in Grandma’s recipe. But Grandma doesn’t write down the measurements! So we make it into a project, tweaking the recipes and understanding how to turn these family traditions into financial gain for our students.”


Our culinary professionals have officially opened the Colonel’s Cupboard for business on October 23, click here to keep up to date on tasty menus and other exciting information that’s sure to whet your appetite!