As I reflect
on my year as IPS Teacher of the Year, I am filled with both happiness and
pride.  I have always been proud to be an
IPS teacher, and being the IPS Teacher of the Year has been a true honor. I
love seeing and hearing about all of the positive actions coming from teachers
and students in the district.

Amy Wackerly

This past
year, I went from being a third-grade teacher to a fourth-grade teacher (a
grade I hadn’t taught since 1999). I had a lot of anxiety as I entered the
year, but soon found myself embracing the challenge. I was off and learning
alongside the students in Room 13 at Center for Inquiry School 2.


Lesson Learned: Even though change can be
uncomfortable or scary, it is when I am put into new situations that I grow the


As I move
into next year, I will be heading to a new school and will be in a new
position. More change. When IPS opens up our fourth Center for Inquiry next
year, I will be joining CFI at School 70 as a literacy coach. I look forward to
this challenge as I look to grow professionally and to support the teachers and
students at this new school. However, I am also filled with sadness as I leave
the school I love and have been a part of for 16 years. 


When asked
about what I like about my job and the school, my answer is always, “I love the
people I work with, the students and the families.” June 8th and 9th will
be hard days as I pack up and leave.


Lesson learned: Be grateful and appreciative for
each and every day you get to work with students doing the job you love. 


Over the summer, I am heading back to
college. I was fortunate enough to be selected as part of the 2016—2017 class
of Woodrow Wilson Indiana MBA Fellows in Education Leadership.  Starting June 10, I will be taking classes six
days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., learning how to become a leader in education
in this ever-changing education environment. 


A big
take-away from the last year is to not be afraid of change and to look for ways
you can grow professionally. Maybe you have been in the same grade level for
many years. Maybe you have not done any professional development. Whatever it
may be, look for an opportunity to keep growing professionally. 


IPS if full
of amazing teachers and opportunities. I am appreciative and thankful for the chance
to be IPS Teacher of the Year for the 2015—2016 school year.

Wackerly, IPS Teacher of the Year for the 2015-2016 school year.