Paula Peterson has been a principal for 12 years, and she starts
her seventh year as principal at Charles Warren Fairbanks School 105. As a
veteran principal, she looks at the beginning of each year with excitement as
she prepares to greet her students, families, teachers and staff. In the midst
of her back-to-school preparations, she took time to answer some questions from
us about how she’s getting ready and what she’s looking forward to with the
start of school.

What excites you most as school approaches?

I am always very
excited to meet students and their families the first day of school as I look
forward to the new school year and all of the wonderful opportunities for
learning that will take place.

What goes into preparing for a new school
year that people may not realize? What tasks must be completed?

Back to school is a true team effort!

The custodial staff cleans all of the student
desks, chairs, and other furniture, strips and waxes the floors throughout the
building, and makes sure the building is ready for the first day.

Teachers come in on their vacation time to make
sure their classrooms are ready for students on the first day, putting up
bulletin boards, arranging the desks and chairs in the rooms, studying the
curriculum and planning with their teams to make sure they provide the students
the best instruction. 

Administrators complete a variety of tasks: prepare
student handbooks and staff handbooks; gather materials that will assist
teachers with curriculum implementation; meet with community partners to figure
out what will assist the school with its mission to provide the best education
for students; prepare the year-long calendar for fine arts programs; plan PBIS
(Positive Behavior Intervention Support) incentives; pick dates for special
programs, etc.

The Administrative Office Assistant registers new
students, adds the class lists to the computer program, and makes sure supplies
are ordered.

What are the most important things you want
parents and students to understand coming into the new year?

The entire staff at Charles Warren Fairbanks looks
forward to meeting the students and their families, and we are so appreciative
that the families allow us to be a part of their children’s education. 
Families are always welcome at our school, and we see them as an integral part
of the education process. We want all students’ families to join us in making
sure their children receive the best education possible.