Dr. Briant Williams, the new principal at Broad Ripple
Magnet High School for the Arts and Humanities, took time out from his
back-to-school preparations to answer some questions for us about how he’s
getting started and what he’s looking forward to as school kicks off.

What excites you most
about your new position with Broad Ripple as school approaches?

I am most excited to be the leader of a school with such amazing
potential, wonderful students, a great staff family and a proud alumni
community. I anxiously await the excitement and nervous clamor among students,
parents and faculty as we open school for an awesome year of teaching, learning
and artistic development. The arts and humanities are a great vehicle to provide
students with a world-class, well-rounded experience. This work allows me to
share and exercise my passion for the arts with students, faculty, parents and
the Broad Ripple community.

What goes into taking
over as a new principal in a school that people may not realize? What were some
of your first tasks?

WOW! Where do I start? There are so many things to do.
Staffing, the master schedule, district meetings, building and grounds
preparation, casting expectations and meeting all of the new Broad Ripple
Rocket family faces are all involved in the first tasks. Long hours are
invested in completing paperwork, learning people and facilities, creating new
documents, developing processes and procedures and simply working to ensure
that our school is a great place for students and faculty.

What are the most
important things you want parents and students to understand coming into the
new year? 

I want parents and students to understand that Broad Ripple
is a great place to learn and grow. The importance of the community, parent and
school partnership cannot be forgotten. Parents are an important ingredient in
the success of our school. We need parents to be engaged and hands-on in a way
that positively supports our students and their development.

Students are expected to work hard, study hard and always
reach excellence. The only place where success comes before work is in the
dictionary. Hard work, passion, drive, dreams, ambition and great character are
attributes of successful people who realize their greatest potential. I want
students to pursue excellence, live for their purpose and walk in their
destiny. Students should be highly engaged in the classroom, and in the life of
our school outside of the classroom.