Hear ye! Hear ye! On the night of November 20th at 7:00 p.m., the assorted talents of the Techoir of Arsenal Technical High School will host the annual Madrigal Dinner, recreating the imperial elegance of the Renaissance past through costume, pageantry and feast. As you enter the Tech cafeteria you will be transported back to the sixteenth century in the renaissance era. Joined by the King and Queen, knights, lords and ladies, you can expect to be greeted with laughter and song.

“We will be transforming a section of the Tech cafeteria into a medieval banquet hall. We always drink a toast with traditional wassail and celebrate the entrance of the boars head complete with an apple in its mouth,” says Music Educator Cynthia Hartshorn of Arsenal Technical High School.

Between the years 1350 and 1600 the world we live in today was completely different. Artistic and cultural innovation washed over the medieval society and brought new culture into a modern era. The Renaissance was a wonderful time of creativity and change, a rebirth of intellectual and cultural pursuits after the sedentary Middle Ages.

The culinary team at Arsenal Technical High School will recreate a multicourse meal reflective of the madrigal feasts of the time period including: chicken breast, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, dessert and wassail (traditionally a spiced ale or cider.) 

Each course of the meal will be heralded with traditional song. The costumed choir will entertain throughout the course of the meal with conversation, short skits and singing. Several of the selections for the evening are traditional to a madrigal dinner; the “Wassail Song” and “Boar’s Head Carol” are among them. The night will cap with a short concert by the Techoir. 

Mrs. Hartshorn says, “This is a great opportunity for our students to do something unlike anything they’ve ever experienced! Very few high schools have madrigal dinners anymore. The Techoir has been working very hard since late September on the script, songs and costumes. We are looking forward to a fun evening of music and comedy.”

The reservation window is now closed for this event, but do not fret. This event is an annual celebration! If you missed out this year, we invite you to join us during the next holiday season for an exciting time traveling experience!