An Indiana Members Credit Union volunteer assists a Riverside School 44 student with new sneakers. George Hill and Boomer from the Indiana Pacers and over 35 Indiana Members Credit Union volunteers provided an all-star assist to Riverside School 44 as it held its Back to School event on Friday, August 1. Thanks to the Indiana Members Foundation every student in School 44 got new socks and shoes, a new uniform (three shirts and a pair of pants), a new backpack, and got a chance to meet George Hill and Boomer at the exciting event.

Principal Kirshawndra Davis said she and her staff are “excited and ready to go” for the year. They had the event well-organized and ensured everyone in the happy crowd of students and families was served, even students who came and were not currently registered. Principal Davis noted, “Unregistered students go on a list and get their clothes and backpacks later.” Every student in the school will get that assistance.

Also, community partners like the Riverside Civic League, Boys and Girls Club, and Cheer Camp were on hand to sign up students and families for their programs. And Riverside staff had an iPad bar set up to introduce students to the iPads that were going to be used in every classroom this year to match lessons to student needs.

All these people working together for the Riverside Back to School event is exactly the kind of teamwork that sets up a great year ahead!​