African American female student at a desk using a pencil. Buses are rolling, hallways are bustling, and classrooms are buzzing with talk from students already engaged in learning—it’s back to school for Indianapolis Public Schools. And there’s even more reason to be excited this year for the new IPS.


  • We’re looking forward to our first full school year with Superintendent Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee.
  • We have a new service center and a new commitment to providing exceptional service to our students and families.
  • We’ve got a new website that provides the same information and more in a user-friendly, contemporary format.
  • We’re the first major school district to set up each school with their own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, so we’re reaching out to everyone in even more ways.


Most of all, we happily welcome all students and families! Whether you’re a first-time student or an IPS student returning after summer break, everyone in IPS is glad you’re here! We want to continue hearing from our students, parents, staff and community about the changes we’re making, and hear ideas of where we might go next!

So welcome to a great year of academics, a great year of art and music, and a great year of athletics. Welcome to the new IPS.